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Conflict Resolution.....

Can you imagine a place where there is no conflict, no miscommunication, no jealousy or bitter envy and no backstabbing and gossip?

It's called Heaven. And we live on earth.


So let's just all agree that in our work lives we are going to run into conflict.

There will be miscommunication as we already laid out in the Communication link.

There will be those who are jealous of you for whatever reason, and that jealousy will lead to envy and bitterness, which then leads to backstabbing and gossip and .... oh, won't heaven be nice !

But we aren't there yet, and we have to live in the world - but Scripture tells that that we don't have to be "of the world" and we can learn to SOLVE all these areas of conflict if we apply the Bible's wisdom and truth in our day-to-day living on the job. In fact, when we don't participate in conflict, then we are actually participating in peace, and God says "Blessed are the peacemakers".

Work has lots of pressures. We can choose to have a work life of strife, or a work life that is blessed.

This conference will show you how to resolve conflict. When you resolve conflict, you will have less strife.

When you resolve conflict, you will be more liked by those who don't "like" conflict, and NO ONE likes conflict, so EVERYONE will like you !

When you learn how to not only resolve conflict, but better yet, teach others how to AVOID conflict, then your boss will see something in you. It's called "Leadership" and bosses are always on the lookout for those with leadership potential, especially the kind of leaders that will prevent stress and strife amongst employees because internal stress and strife (a.k.a. = CONFLICT) is one of the biggest problems that slows down the company's productivity and cuts down the company's profit.  So bosses "like" those who can lead others into having less conflict.

And bosses promote those kind of leaders.

This conference will show you how to be the kind of leader God wants you to be, so you can be a shining light at the workplace. God wants you to be that shining light, because when you are a shining light then your good deeds bring glory to God. It's what the Newsboys are talking about in SHINE, and it's what Matthew 5:16 is talking about, and it's what we were talking about on the homepage when we were discussing the WORK = WORSHIP thing.

This conference will teach you how to SHINE.