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Financial Management.....

In the Gospel of John, we read at the very beginning of the very first chapter "the Word"' was God. We read how Christ "is" the Word that became flesh, and came to live with us. Christ is the Word, and He came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

And this conference is about learning the Word, understanding the Word as it applies to our lives especially in the workplace, and then applying the Word so that we can receive Christ's promise that we may "get a life" that He promises is the abundant life.

So if Jesus is the Word, and if the Word brings life, then we will want to study what Jesus had to say to us in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It's kind of a proverbial "no-brainer" right?

Do you know what Jesus taught about more than any other topic?


Yep. Finances.



The King James Version calls it "mammon". Today, you and I would call it "materialism". Larry Burkett, who prior to his death was heard worldwide on over 1,000 radio stations and was known as Christianity's foremost voice on Godly financial management reported :

     "The scriptural warning is clear : we will be judged on the evidence of our material lives. The attraction of materialism is so great that Christ devoted two-thirds of His parables to warning His disciples about it. The writers of the epistles amplified that teaching as they observed the destructive force of materialism in the lives of believers."

George Barna, a former pastor and seminary professor and now the founder and leader of the Barna Research Group in Ventura, California has been doing surveys, polls and demographic research into the lives and trends of the Christian community for over 20 years. Dr. Barna reports that the divorce rate amongst Christians is virtually the same as the secular world, at about 55%, and that the single factor that causes the most stress in marriages is that of finances.

Why did Jesus spent so much time, energy, emotion and effort on finances?

Because He knew that if we did not have teaching on finances, then our lives would be headed for disaster.

So while we are on the topic of "no-brainers" it would certainly seem that if we are to have a successful life, the 'abundant" life that Christ wants us to have, then we have to learn something about how to manage our finances and the best resource and "How To" book for this is the Bible. So because this conference is all about helping Christian young adults be "successful" in their lives, this conference will have a significant amount of teaching in the area of financial management, or what we call "stewardship". And it all starts with what Jesus came for - to speak the truth. And you will not only learn a lot about the truth with regards to how God views money and what we need to do in our lives if we are not to be enslaved in debt, but you will also learn A LOT about "truth" in advertising.



What does "Zero % Financing"  really  mean when car dealers advertise this?

If a furniture place says " DON'T PAY UNTIL 2019 !!!!!!!!!!"   is this a "good" thing?

How much interest do we really pay on our credit cards? <it's way more than you think>

How can we save up to 30% off the "sticker price" when we buy a newer car?

How can we afford to tithe <how can we afford not to tithe?>

What does it mean in Philippians 4:19 when it says God will "provide for all our needs?"

What is the single most important thing we can do on the job to show our boss that we are worthy of receiving either a raise, a promotion, or BOTH.