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Wanna hear what others are saying about  ACT X ? Just scroll down to read testimonies of those whose lives were touched by the December 2005 ACT X Conference


If you have attended ACT X before and want to give a testimony, please do so in the comment box below. Due to the personal nature of many comments, your names are withheld although we may email you privately asking if you would give your permission to have a pastor contact you to speak with you directly to give further testimony to what you learned at ACT X


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The ACTX conference made me realize that everyone I deal with is different and if I applied understanding, love and patience that life would be a lot easier. ACT X also showed me how to prioritize my finances in dealing with people from work and school, and it also reminded me of the importance of having a consistent walk with God.        

I feel ACT X is life changing, and it has been a Godly jump start on my life. Going to Church for my entire life hasn't brought me as close to God as those three days at the ACT X Conference has. Like I said, the ACT X Conference has been a life changing experience for me. What I learned most from ACT X was the Bible's basis for showing me that

       we have to be accountable to God
       we have to read the Manual
       we have to tithe with a GRATEFUL heart, because it isn't ours, it all the Lord's


I think the message behind ACT X is important and I also think it is timely. You don't have to look too far to see that the topics of finance, particularly in business, is surfacing throughout North American Christianity. Principles dealing with the tithe, increase, offerings etc are becoming more prevalent and I believe this is a good thing and I believe it is God ordained. In a nutshell, how are we to care for those who need it and get the job done if we are unable to equip and mobilize the body of Christ? What I believe to be important about ACT X is that the teaching is intense and comprehensive. It is also challenging in the sense that there is accountability. You were able to provide much more information in 24 hours of teaching in a seminar than a pastor or evangelist can do in series of sermons in a church service. Let me say that I sincerely believe you deserve high marks for breaking ground in this area. In many ways what you are doing and the manner in which you are doing it is pioneering. This is potentially tough material to teach to Christians and I thought you grabbed the bull by the horns. You based the teaching on Scripture and then backed it up with Scripture. I thought you were totally solid in that regard and anyone who says differently can pound sand.
Good stuff !!!

From the ACT X conference I realized God's truth full-on and my heart was really convicted.  I never really thought about the Bible as being the definitive manual for living your life, but after attending ACT X  I felt inspired and hopeful <very hopeful> and encouraged that I had something so valuable in my life in order to use it to carve out my future. Basically, my heart was saying that the ACT X conference brought a lot of God-related issues to the forefront of my heart and mind. It brought God to the forefront of my heart. My mind was really impressed with the speaking style of Dr. Orieux. His charisma, humor, ability to excite and inspire his listeners was really impressive. I came home talking and talking about this conference to my friends and to my parents. Further, the whole layout of the program was really cool. Biblically based principles applied to the real and practical world was really something that I never thought could happen. But through those from ACT X , God showed us His creative genius.

I thought the purpose and intent behind the conference was very good. There were many vital and very important issues that are discussed....I think many people, not just young adults, would benefit from the teaching because the issues that are outlined in the conference are the issues we all encounter often. It was very Biblically based, the personal examples were also very good, and Dr. Orieux's ability and efforts to draw audience participation is also good. The content and purpose of the ACT X conference is very much needed in our church today.

I felt attracted to sign up for this seminar because I had been asking the Lord for some guidance on how to conduct myself as a Christian in the workplace in order to avoid mistakes from the past and to really be a living testimony of His work in me.  So for me this seminar appeared to be His answer to my prayers. After checking your website before signing up, my thoughts were around the people organizing and delivering it. What really showed me that you were God driven was the fact that on your website you advised us to pray first before signing up... which I did....instead of insisting on us to sign up. To me, this showed your integrity as well as how you conduct your ministry. The agenda of the seminar was very complete to me and useful for what I was looking for. All the teaching was totally based on the Bible. Some of the things I got from the conference were

1. Commit your plans to the Lord and they will succeed - presenting, discussing and consulting with Him my plans before I start doing something on my own so that I can then step out in faith and being guided by His Spirit.

2. Humbleness and serving others before if I want to move up and ahead

3. Use my time, talents and treasures in a wise manner according to His plan for me since I'll be accountable for them before Him.


From ACT X I felt as though I could be a mature adult taking responsibility for my life and gifts and learning how to improve myself as well as improve life for others through servant hood. . I would love to bring my young leaders of the church to this...not necessarily just to teach them about things like Biblical financial management and budgeting - but to teach them about things like pride, about how to solve conflict and especially what we were taught about how to really "listen" and that listening is a skill. ACTX was full of handy skills which apply in every day life.


The ACT X conference was very valuable to me because it cleared up a lot of things for me in terms of how I should act and what I was doing wrong in my family, school and social life that was causing me to not live this life to the fullest or according to God's plan. It showed me that what I thought was little things such as attitude towards something or someone can have a huge impact in a situation. I have been a Christian all my life but until ACT X , I don't think I truly wanted to surrender everything to God. It's still a daily thing that I think we have to do and that we have to make an effort to do but now I am at least realizing the importance and significance of this kind of action. I thought that ACT X  was a great conference especially for college people who, even if they aren't working, are still able to apply all the principles in other aspects of their lives.

Coming into the conference, I had doubts about how reliable the information would be that we were going to get and whether or not it was really rooted in God's Word but Dr. Orieux always referred to the Bible and continually reminded us that everything we were learning was not from him but from the Bible and the Holy Spirit. So my doubts were silenced. I appreciate that every guiding principle and concept we learned is rooted in a Biblical passage and how different places in the Scripture reinforce the same message as shown in the powerpoint slides. The 3 best things I learned by attending ACT X

   1 ) that I need to "actively seek rejection" and to be happy to receive criticism in order to better myself

   2)  that I should be slow to blame others and quick to take responsibility for myself first

   3)  that I really need to read and meditate on God's Words daily and be in His presence daily and be in fellowship with other believers for encouragement.



I think the thing my husband and I are most delighted with is that our son seemed to really get into the conference. He was really excited about it when he picked his son up from us after the 1st day. Since the conference, he has already used what he has learned "out in the real world" with a conflict resolution situation with his wireless company. He now has aspirations of keeping very close tracking and managing his family budget - something I credit you guys with!


As parents, especially as a step-parent, it's a delicate dance between interest & over-bearing meddling. Sometimes its better for adult children to hear good information from a source "other" than their parents. When you guys come out with a middle-aged version of the conference, let me know! It sounds like really good stuff - stuff I wish I had available to me when I was their age.


I heard about the ACT X conference on the Praise 106.5 at the time my future son-in-law had quit a job that he hated and had not been working for several months. This was causing a lot of tension as you can imagine because it is very scary for parents to watch their daughter date someone who has chosen not to work. So this conference was an answer to prayer and we signed up both my daughter and her fiancé. Each night they would come home and we would sit down and go over what they had learned that day. It was amazing how they learned so much about how to deal with problems at work, such as conflict resolution, better communication and all the things they learned where the Bible teaches how to be a good employee. What was even more amazing was how much they learned about life skills, skills that most of us don't really figure out until much later in life after we have made a bunch of mistakes, especially what they learned about how to manage their money and how to get out of debt. This is the training that all young adults need, but nobody teaches it. As far as our testimony goes, today my future son-in-law is working at a job he loves and he can better deal with the problems that arise at the workplace, and together both of them are starting to learn to listen to God's voice and realize that He has a plan for their lives. This conference was the best Christmas present young adults could get from Christian parents.