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We invite any questions about the conference to be submitted here. We can't promise we'll be able to answer them all, but we'll try ! Surf the following questions we received from the past to see if someone has already asked your question.

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Q. What is the purpose behind this conference?

A. If you have never taken part in an in-depth Bible study or Bible College course in living your faith in the workplace (or marketplace as its called in the book of Acts) then this conference will be a very valuable learning experience, because you will learn what the Word of God teaches about expressing a Christian based work ethic and how following the Bible's teaching will help you achieve much greater success on the job. It's about being trained in what the Bible teaches about how we are "suppose" to work - as unto God, not unto men. Yes, those who attend will learn how to "get ahead" in their careers, because God's Word promises we will if we follow His decrees and Christ's teachings. But this is not about "getting ahead" by earthly standards because we cannot serve two gods - we either choose God or man, we serve either manna or mammon. This conference is about showing the "generation to come" what God has to teach us about being followers of the Word in our work lives - from Monday to Friday, as oppose to what it looks like to live our "Christian lives" on Sunday mornings. God wants us to have an abundant life each day - every day, from. Monday to Sunday.   For any young adult Christians who are wondering about how to live their Christians lives within the four walls of the "workplace" when they are outside of the four walls of the "church-place"... this conference is for you. And its also for everyone else who wants to find the Biblical answers that will help them advance in their Christian faith to the point that they will inherit the "abundant life" that Jesus promised.

Q. How will I actually learn how to get ahead in my career ?

A. If you were a business owner or business leader, you would be able to list off a whole bunch of ways that most employees in today's workforce put in a less-than-wholehearted effort on the job (and you could do it in a heartbeat because the problems are epidemic). Lack of a committed work ethic and lack of commitment to the "company" is what business owners and business leaders list as one of the top problems in today's workforce.  Many business leaders bemoan that they don't have enough truly dedicated employees and that they don't know who to pick to promote to greater levels of responsibility (and greater levels of income). This conference will teach you how to apply a Bible-based work ethic and Christ-centered attitude on the job, so you will become the type of employee that business owners are looking for - - - and - - - the type of employee they are wanting to offer advancement to. If you apply what you learn from this conference, you will advance in your career. Guaranteed.

Q. Is there an age limit - it says "Young Adults".   What's "young" ?

A. When we say `young` the criteria is not about age it's about your desire and enthusiasm to serve the Lord, and the energy, emotion and effort you are prepared to offer the Lord in living a life of service to Him. We have had attendees in their 70`s and 80`s, and in our 6 months discipleship training programs we have had several attendees in their late 40`s and 50`s. ACT X will equip you to express your faith outside the traditional church setting and out in your communities for what we call `marketplace` and there is no limitation with respect to age, for anybody who desires to be equipped in this manner.

If you are a younger adult and retirement is many years away, then this ACT X training is specially relevant as you will learn how to become the type of employee that employers love to promote and reward just one of many of God's promises about Him blessing us with success and prosperity when we are grounded in His principles, can be found in Joshua 1:6-9. There are many other similar promises and you will hear about them in the ACT X Conference. Those wanting to advance in their careers, by doing business God's way, will be happy they invested a weekend to find out what God's principles are, for advancement in the Kingdom, while on Earth.

Q. Is this another one of those "Name It and Claim It" kind of seminars?


If you go back to the first paragraph on the first page of the website, you will see that this conference is all about a promise that Jesus gave us - that we could "get a life" if we followed Him and His teachings. This conference is about following His teachings, so we can get a more abundant life - not the "name it and claim it" life you sometimes hear about on TV, but the kind of life that God promises throughout the pages of Scripture if we will learn His decrees, follow His commands, and put Him first in our lives. The Biblical principles that you will learn at the ACT X conference "work" and they will help you get ahead on the job, because when we "work" from a Christ - centered perspective, Christ promises us that as His followers that we will have "an abundant life". It's about learning to be successful - God's way.

Q. Will there be any handouts or printed notes?

A. Each participant gets a workbook which will include all the teaching materials from the conference so you can make notes or simply sit back and absorb as all the teachings will be in your binder for personal study and devotions or group study after the conference.

Q.  Is there a group discount?

A.  Yes. If you are from Saskatchewan the registration fee is free. If you come in a group of 10 or more the registration fee is still free. :-)

Q.  Are meals included at the conference?

A.  No, please bring a boxed lunch as you may want to hang around as the speakers are prepared to work through their lunch to participate in a extended question and answer session.

Q.  I've never heard of "ACT X" and I want to know if you have sponsoring through the "local church (i.e. is there pastoral coverage) and if any recognized Christian organizations are standing behind this program.

A.  Talk to your pastor. Chances are your pastor is the one who recommended you attend ACT X. If you are not attending church regularly and don't have a pastor, phone the pastor of the church nearest you.

Q. What kind of exhibitors will be there? Is this some kind of multi-level marketing thing?

A. This would be a funny question if we didn't sense you were being serious, so we'll take this question seriously. There are no exhibitors - none. This is not multi-level marketing. There is NOTHING to buy and there is NOTHING for sale. The only thing that attendees might be encouraged to buy (if they don't already have one) is a Bible, because that is the reference Text for the whole program. The ACT X conference is about how to live out your faith, in the workplace (Marketplace) by Biblical standards - that is, God's way. And even then, the ACT X conference doesn't even sell Bibles nor will it even be promoting one version of the Bible as being "better" than another version because several different versions and translations will be used throughout the program (sorry to any King James Version die-hards:-)

Q.  I've read the website and this looks great, but when it comes to getting a raise or a promotion in 6 months by doing what you'll teach, my boss is a cheapskate. How am I going to get ahead when my boss is so cheap ?

A. First of all, let's not be so quick to "judge" your boss (see Matthew 7:1,2)  Some bosses may be cheap but not many are foolish, otherwise they wouldn't be a boss. In the conference we are going to show you how to "ask" for a raise or a promotion (or both) but you are going to need to first prove to your boss that you are that "good and faithful servant" the Bible teaches about in Matthew 25 (look it up, it will be part of the program). But if for some reason you stick it out for 6 months and follow the program and you still don't get a raise or promotion, then we can help you job hunt and find a job with a company or a boss who will better appreciate you and value your contribution. But you are going to have to learn how to be that "good and faithful servant" and this conference will teach what the Bible has to teach about being a "shining light" that sticks out amongst other employees that are, let's say, dimmer lights?

We have received many testimonials from ACT X attendees whose careers have been advanced by way of promotions, raises, or both, because they have applied the biblical truth shared in the ACT X teaching. One noteworthy example is a young man from Vancouver named Mark, who applied the ACT X teaching after attending a conference in July 2006 and in the course of only 5 months became runner up for the Employee of the Year award. In 2007, he won the Employee of the Year award. Congratulations Mark and all our past attendees who have faithfully applied the Word of God in the their lives, and produce fruits, and became a shining light for Jesus in the marketplace.

Q. Who is doing the teaching? Are they pastors or do they have any ministry credentials that are verifiable?

A. Our conference speaker is Dr. Kevin Orieux, who was a youth pastor prior to becoming a dentist, who now serves the Lord in marketplace ministry, and has been teaching God's principles in the corporate world for the past 12 years to other business leaders who want to learn (from a fellow business leader) how to become a business "leader" and more importantly, how to become a Christian Business Leader and apply God's way and God's truth as revealed in Scripture in order to become a business leader who takes a stand for Christ. So Dr. Orieux's credentials are in the marketplace, but having said that his background includes being a youth pastor, and he attended Mennonite Brethren Bible school and Bible college, and you will find that he is very well grounded in the Word. Having said that, if you were to ask Dr. Orieux himself, his testimony is that the teaching is done by the Holy Spirit and that one can find all the answers by studying the Word and asking the Holy Spirit to guide and instruct you, because the only real Teacher of God's Word is God's Spirit.  

Q. I find it really hard to live my Christian faith now with the people I work with. How can living more of a Christian life help me get ahead when many of my co-workers already cut me down for being a Christian?

A.  If you go back to the Flash intro (and not just because it's cool) at the end of the animation you will see what ACT X stands for. It stands for Activating Christians Towards Xpressing a Christian Work Ethic. This program is not about you becoming a Bible thumping evangelist and you are not going to learn how to inflict head injuries on your co-workers by hitting them over the head with a hard bound King James Version. What you are going to learn is how to become the type of employee that every boss is looking for. Your living testimony is not going to be by your words, it's going to be with your actions - your "work ethic". One of our key verses for the ACT X conference is Colossians 3:23 `Whatever you do, work it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for men.`