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Q. What is this  ACT X  Conference all about ?

This conference is all about a promise that Jesus gave us - that we could "get a life" if we followed Him and His teachings. This conference is about following His teachings, so we can get a more abundant life - not the "name it and claim it" life you sometimes hear about on TV, but the kind of life that God promises throughout the pages of Scripture if we will learn His decrees, follow His commands, and put Him first in our lives. The Biblical principles that you will learn at the ACT X conference "work" and they will help you get ahead on the job, because when we "work" from a Christ - centered perspective, Christ promises us that as His followers that we will have "an abundant life". It's about learning to be successful - God's way.

Q. What does this promise have to do with "work"?

The whole idea of "work" is that it is a gift from God, because our work is a form of worship to our Creator. God doesn't want worship to be dead, lifeless and dull - He wants us to be joyful in worship. But for most of us, we don't exactly consider our work lives to be "joyful" rather, we find work to be boring, dull and irrelevant and we only do it because we need to work to "pay the bills".

This isn't the life Jesus wants for us. If we can learn to be joyful at work, then we can learn to "abide" in Jesus, and not just during our church worship services, or during our devotions or during Bible study and fellowship times, but instead, we can learn how to abide in Christ "at all times".  Jesus taught us about this in John 15. He said that if we "remain in Him" (at all times) that He would remain in us, and that this is how we would "bear much fruit" for His Kingdom. So really, this conference is about learning how Christ's teachings can be applied to our work lives so that our work is not boring, dull or irrelevant to our Christian lives, instead, our work lives become more fulfilling and rewarding as we learn how to apply our Christian faith to the hours we spend at work.

Q. Why would I want to spend 3 days at this  ACT X  Conference?

Because life is too long (not life is too short - life is too long... too long for work to be a dead-end chore)

Let's do the math...

For most of us, our "work lives" could be calculated as 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, until you're 65...

Sure, you might get a few more weeks for holidays after you've been at the same place for a number of years, but let's just go with the following formula, for argument's sake :

40 hours a week X 50 weeks a year X how ever many years until you retire. That's 2,000 hours a year, times how ever many years until you reach 65

40,000 hours if you're in your mid 40's

60,000 hours if you're in your mid 30's

and if you're in your mid 20's, it's 80,000 hours

That's what we mean when we say "life is too long"... because 80,000 hours is too long to be doing something that you find dull, boring or irrelevant

But that's what our "work life" looks like - somewhere around 40,000 to 80,000 hours, depending on how old you are.

So what kind of "life" do you want to have?

Jesus said "I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10:10)

But was He also talking about our "work life"???



But we haven't answered the last question, which was "why" would you want to spend 3 days at this conference?

Once again, it's a math question, so let's "do the math"


Would You Invest a Minute Per Week to Ensure Your Work Week Was More Successful and More Enjoyable?



At least, that's what several hundred business managers said to an executive training organization in a survey they filled out during that organization's training seminar - - - but then, when these same business gurus and management executives were asked later in the seminar to map out the specific details of what they typically "planned" to do on Monday mornings, at the beginning of each of their work weeks, almost all of them reported that they didn't spend any time whatsoever planning for how to be successful that week. The Bible talks about planning a lot - in fact, it says without a plan (or vision) that we perish, which is a way of describing what (for most of us) our work lives look like - dull, boring and irrelevant - to the point that most of us are "perishing" at work for 40 hours a week, just waiting for the weekend.

Doesn't sound like much of a life, does it?

It's not the life Jesus wants for us.

Back to planning...

The Harvard School of Business reports that those who plan - - - succeed. The Bible says that we are to make our plans, and then to commit them to the Lord, and He will make our plans succeed (Proverbs 16:3). Sounds like planning is a pretty good idea, doesn't it?  But many people make the excuse that "all that planning" is a headache and takes "too much time".   But does it?

Let's do the math.

If you work 40 hours a week, then you work for 2,400 minutes a week. If you only took one measly minute on Monday morning to map out your strategy for being more successful in the next week's work, then you would already be more "wise" than the vast majority of these business managers. One minute out of 2,400 is 0.04% of your work week. That would be 0.04% of your time being invested to make sure that the other 99.96% of the work week goes smoother and more successfully.

This conference is 3 days long, 8 hours a day.  It's 24 hours to learn how to be more successful, God's Way, whatever your job may be, because whether you work the drive-through window, drive a forklift, work in retail or work in the service industry, God's Word has incredible wisdom to share with you - if you are willing to invest 24 hours to "plan your work, and then work your plan" towards having a successful work life.

Let's do the math again.. slightly differently

If you are 25 now and you work fulltime until retirement, then you will put in approximately 80,000 hours of your life at work if you work to age 65 ...

More than you will sleep.

More than you will play.

More than you will spend time with your spouse or children.

The fact is, you will work more hours than anything else you do, and even if you take time off work to raise a family or even if you retire early - you are going to spend a great deal of your life "at work" and so "work" will become a major part of your life.

This conference is 24 hours that you will invest to learn things you've never been taught. That's 24 hours out of the 80,000 you will work on the job. 24 hours out of 80,000 hours is only 0.03 %

Investing 24 hours now, for better success throughout you career, is investing 0.03%. of your time to ensure that the other 99.97% goes smoother. In the business world this is called a "good return on investment".


God Wants to Bless Your Work Life - - - If You Will Honor Him in Making Your Work = Your Worship

Does work = worship mean that we are to be singing, playing guitar and raising our hands while we are at work? No, that's a different meaning for the word "worship"

Let's look at the word "work" from God's perspective. Did you know that in the Hebrew language, when you read in places where God describes work, the Hebrew word for "work" is the same word for "worship" ?

Which means that in the Lord's eyes, we have the opportunity to "worship" God while we are at work, because God sees our life at work as being a form of worship to Him. So by doing work "God's Way" during the hours you are "at work" you are actually worshipping Him, because in God's eyes, work and worship are the same.  And when we do work "God's Way" then He is pleased because we are being faithful, and He promises to reward those who are faithful to Him.

If you want to get "ahead" in your work life, then you'll want to do work the way God intended - God's  way.

God told us this in Colossians 3:23   "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

Let's play question/answer. You ask the questions, and we answer them.


OK. So tell me, how do you "get ahead" in today's rat race we call the corporate world?

Another Question...

How do you "get ahead" in the rat race, but not compromise your Christian faith in the process?

Oh Yeah, and One More Question...

If the Bible is suppose to have all the answers, how does it answer the previous 2 questions?



You can get "ahead"

You don't have to compromise your Christian faith in the process.

In fact, it is by living your Christian faith and not compromising that you will  "get ahead"



How ???



Follow the Bible's life principles for the workplace



Hmmmm.... so you're saying that I can get "ahead" because I am a Christian?



Noooo... there are lots of Christians who don't know what the Bible teaches about what it means to "work" according to God's principles, so just "being a Christian" doesn't exactly cut it. What we said is that you can get "ahead" if you follow the Bible's life principles for working, where the manner in which you choose to do your work can be a conscious decision on your part to do your work "unto the Lord" because when you choose to work that way, your work becomes an act of worship.  And in many places throughout the Bible, God shows us His Way of how to conduct ourselves in a manner that's pleasing to Him during the hours we are in the workplace. God provided these Biblical principles for success in our work lives so that we could have a full and abundant life. That's part of what Jesus promises us in John 10:10



How do I find these "Biblical Secrets to Success" in God's Word?



1) Read through the links in this website - then (2) ponder and (3) pray

2) Ponder - ask yourself if what's being taught in the conference "makes sense" to you (important)

3) Pray - ask God Him if He wants you to attend ACT X to learn these things (more important than #2)



If your head (your voice) says its a good idea, and your heart (God's voice) says its a good idea... then it's probably a good idea. THOUGHT: Jesus didn't have any ideas of His own - He only did what the Father told Him to do. He knew what the Father wanted Him to do, because He was always in prayer with the Father.  We believe it is more important for you to pray about attending the ACT X conference, then it is for you to ponder about attending. Why? Because God won't lead you astray - Jeremiah 29:11,12 promises that He has plans for you - plans to prosper you - to give you hope and a future... if you are following what His instructions are. This conference is about teaching what God's instructions are, and showing you where these instructions are found throughout the Bible, and about how to be successful in your work life by working hard (and faithfully) because your work is an extension of how you feel about serving God - it's an act of worship.  Nothing is more important than serving God. So while you are at work, then nothing is more important than being a faithful worker because God says that one of the ways we worship Him is by being a "good and faithful" worker. If you have to go to work anyway, then it makes sense that we should work "God's Way" because we serve a living God.  Not only does it make sense from a worship standpoint, but God also promises to bless us - to help us "get ahead" if we do things His Way.



What if I can't get time off work to attend this conference?



Show your boss this website. Have your boss surf the links. Your boss wants you to be a good employee, which you may already be, but this conference will teach you how to be a better employee. Every boss wants that, in fact, every boss is looking for the type of employee who is willing and prepared to be the "good and faithful servant" that is described in Matthew 25. If you show your boss that you are willing to take a training program that will help you become that "good and faithful employee" then your boss will probably let you go, if for no other reason than your boss has never heard of a conference that teaches how to be a better employee, by having a better work ethic. Trust us on this - your boss will be stoked to give you the time off so you can learn how to be more beneficial to the company you work for.



What's next?



Surf the links, read, ponder, and pray. And if your heart and mind are on the same page, then sign up.