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Planning and Goal Setting.....

Have you mapped out your goals for your career? Do you have a 5 year plan? A 3 year plan? Maybe even just a "Next Year Plan"...? If you don't, then you are in very good company, because almost nobody makes planning and goal setting part of their strategy for getting ahead. But if you haven't learned how to map out career plans and set goals, then here is some "food for thought"...



80% of new business go bankrupt within 5 years, and the biggest reason is lack of planning and not having set obtainable goals.

If you don't know which direction you are headed, then any road will get you there.

The only way you can get lost, is if you   a) don't have a map, and   b) don't ask for directions

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.



Did you know your church probably has some sort of 3 year or 5 year plan?

Did you know that the most successful businesses have something called a Vision Statement or a Mission Statement and the top guns in the company are held accountable (and paid according to) how well they achieve these statements?

Did you know that if you want to start your own business, that the banks will ask you for a "Business Plan" and without this form of planning and goal setting, the banks won't touch you?

Did you know that the easiest way to get a raise, or a promotion, or BOTH is to "ask" for it? You just have to be able to show your boss that you have a plan in place and goals in mind to prove that you are worth it, and you can receive a raise, a promotion or BOTH within as little as 6 months from the time you show your boss your plans and goals for advancement.



Two of the best selling authors of all time, Dr. Spencer Johnson (who wrote The One Minute Manager) and Dr. Napoleon Hill (who wrote Think and Grow Rich) both wrote books that deal with planning, goal setting and management.   In fact, Dr. Hill's book is the #2 best seller of all time...do you know what the #1 Best Seller of all time is?

The Bible.

And although you may not have heard this in a sermon, Sunday school, Bible school or at a Bible study, the Bible has the most proven track record of any business book in existence. And it makes sense, because as God created us, God knows how we best function - who knows a software program better than the one who designed the program? When it comes to understanding human dynamics and how to "get ahead" the One Person who can help you the most, is the Person who was the Designer of these things called "humans" which you will have to interact with each and every day of your career.

This conference will teach you how to make plans, set goals, and develop a Vision and Mission Statement for your life according to the principles and proven track record of the #1 Best Seller of all time.